Trinity Yoga™ is a faith based yoga practice combining breath, movement, and meditation. The classes weave together prayer, posutres and breath work. It’s a grace filled, inclusive, come as you are, authentic healing space for anyone seeking community, growth and freedom. Our mats are a place where we can freely worship, lean in to discomfort, to seek, and stretch our faith.  We surrender our  heart, soul, strength. 

My heart is to live a life of wholeness and authentic freedom through my growing relationship with Jesus. I love the stillness and peace that comes from practicing yoga and want to share this gift. I completed my teacher training in 2016. My hope is to help create a space for others to experience the same wholeness both on and off the mat.


This is yoga for everybody and for every body.

This is yoga for you.  All you have to do is show up, bring a mat, and an open heart.

A faith-based yoga practice that will meet you right where you are. Each class weaves together prayer, scripture, breath and movement. We begin each with focused breathing and set a spiritual intention for our practice at this time. There may be a short devotional or scripture reading during this time that allows us to mindfully draw awareness between our bodies, breath and hearts before we move through postures. We end our practice with a time of meditation and prayer.  There is no preaching or expectation from students to speak, pray or share. It’s a time to come surrendered and to receive.