Planted in Love – Flow and Playlist

Jesus empowers us to move from recognizing God’s love to receiving God’s love.

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Yoga Flow
Child’s Pose
In child’s walk hands right, then
Cat Cows
Baby Cobra- 3x
Cobra- 3x
Up Dog
Down Dog
Sun Salutations- 4x
Chair Flow
Chair twists
Low lunge twists
Crescent lunge
Crescent lunge prayer twist
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Extended side angle
Cowface Arms

Quiet Retreat Playlist

Here’s a sample playlist from one of our recent classes. Our verse for the class is found in Psalm 114. “You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.” Unroll a mat today and worship with your heart, soul and strength.
Worship. Wellness. Wholeness™.
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Starting a Home Practice

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For many of us, including myself, yoga can seem intimidating and set apart for a specific body type, gender or socioeconomic class.  In general, yoga at a studio can be a costly endeavor. Not only is an average drop in fee of $20 per class on the high end of a way to spend an hour, the gear and “right brand” of gear can be even costlier. From $120 leggings, $90 tanks and $150 mats are the norm, after all, they show others how seriously enlightened you are. Navigating the sea of ohms and other mysterious sounds, oils and weird hand positions can seem overwhelming. It’s enough to make those of us outside of or new to the amazing practice of yoga think it’s not for “us.” Guess, what, I’m here to tell you that it is. Trinity Yoga was born out of a desire to help demystify yoga and bring it’s amazing benefits to any and everybody. You know how it all started too, with a home yoga practice. And now, you too can start your own home yoga practice using a few of the tips below.

First things first, the yoga and yogis of social media portray yoga as a beautifully perfected advanced pose, think a Giselle Bunchen look alike doing a headstand on a mountain top overlooking the beauty of the Pacific in the background, while effortlessly and simultaneously pensively gazing out into the great wide open as she ponders life and becomes one with the universe. This is not what a real yoga practice looks like. I repeat, this is not a “real” yoga practice. It’s a staged image to capture the beauty of a perfectly attained pose, that after months, maybe years of daily effort and struggle fully realized in this epic moment. Now that we’ve spent a moment deprogramming ourselves of what yoga is and is not, let’s talk about how you too can join this community.

Note, I’ll have a few yoga videos and tutorials in the Online Classes section soon for you to use as a starting point. The classes will be beginner level classes accessible for everyone with the goal of helping you to start a home yoga practice.

Why Yoga With Trinity Yoga?

Physical Benefits – flexibility, strength, balance, power, learning to breathe deeply
Mental Benefits – release and management of stress, create calm and tranquility, creating space emotionally, releasing negative and traumatic emotions
Spiritual – connecting our Hearts, Soul and Strength in worship both on and off our mats

Create Some Space

We say this a lot in yoga. Today, I want you to create some space in your heart and mind, and finally your home. It doesn’t have to be fancy or even solely dedicated to just yoga. All you need is enough room for you and your mat. Here are some ideal spaces:

  • Find a space where you can be alone or undisturbed for 20-50 minutes.
  • Natural light or outdoors are amazing at helping us connect with our Creator.
  • Find an area that is free of clutter, that you can place inspirational verses, candles and other décor that helps you center and “practice the presence”

Make the Time

With our never ending to do list of, homework projects to help complete, dinner to make, houses to and kids to clean, laundry that needs folding, dedicated time for self-care is usually the first thing to get tossed. Friends, let me tell you, self-care is essential. We cannot give that which we do not have. We can’t care for others and be our best versions of ourselves if we aren’t caring for ourselves – heart, soul, strength.

In order to fully reap the benefits of all yoga has to offer, your practice must be regular. Regular does not mean daily, it just means consistent. Start by committing 30 minutes a week to a regular practice.  For example, if you commit to 15 minutes on Monday evening and another 15 minutes on Saturday morning, you are setting a regular practice schedule. Will life get in the way? You bet. Kids get sick, alarms get snoozed and we get busy. The key is to figure out a time that works best for you and your life and just try your best. Life goes on if you miss a practice, that’s the amazing thing about yoga, it’s not a destination, it’s a practice. You just pick up your mat, unroll it and breathe, move and honor wherever you are that day.

Pick a Practice Type

Figuring out what type of yoga practice connects with you can be a quest of trial and error. For me personally, there were not any options for studio classes that I felt aligned with my  way of practicing, as a form of connection and worship to God. It’s my hope that Trinity Yoga  will create a space that helps you align your heart, soul and strength to our Lord. These practices range from Gentle, Restorative, Slow Flow and Flow classes depending on the day or mood. No matter the practice type, it’s important that you feel comfortable and respond to the teacher and practice type.  There are tons of youtube channels and an incredible amount of tutorials online to help get you started.
Be on the lookout for the newly updated Online Classes section and a Trinity Yoga youtube channel coming soon!

I hope this article helped remove some of the mysticism associated with yoga. Remember, this post is just a way to help guide you all to help you to start and grow your personal practice as a way to connect and deepen your relationship with the Lord.

I want to hear from you!

Are you currently practicing at home? Are you currently practicing yoga with your intention set on Jesus? Are you nervous or intimidated to visit an actual yoga studio? Do you think Christians can practice yoga? What has helped you maintain a consistent practice?

Welcome Yogis

Welcome to Trinity Yoga. This site and blog was created as a resource to share the devotionals, classes and playlists for both students and instructors practicing Christian yoga. I hope that we can journey together through the Word and hear the Lord as he speaks to us through this practice. Over the coming weeks I’ll continue to develop content that will include online class downloads, bible studies, student testimonials, playlists and yoga class outlines.