Class Descriptions

Combines gentle, flowing movements with low and slow stretching at the floor. This is yoga for everybody and every body.

Comfortable, supported postures and therapeutic breathing techniques combine to rejuvenate and deeply relax your body and release residual tension. This is blended with Soft and slow exploration of postures and breath. Some movement. Peaceful, calming and nurturing.

Beginner Flow
Focus on breath with movement with the intention of connecting mind, body, and spirit.

Slow Flow
This is a strong but slower paced version of a flow class, designed to place more focus on breath, body awareness, alignment, and intention. Movements are slower and postures may be held for a longer period of time building strength, stability, flexibility, and deeper awareness.

Yogalates combines yoga poses and Pilates movements for an amazing core strengthening experience. This class incorporates traditional Pilates movements and exercises into a yoga/Pilates fusion class that will strengthen the body’s core.